Plant Pests

Accurate identification of plant pathogens and insect pests allows us to recommend the most pest-specific and effective science-based management options possible. Our aims with correct pest identification are to maintain plant health while minimizing our environmental impact and protecting our natural resources. Thank you for using the plant pest lab to protect your plants!

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Disease Diagnosis
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Insect Identification
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Turf Analysis
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Frequently asked questions

Question: My plant is dying. What should I bring in for testing?

A: A whole plant is always ideal for testing. If a large tree or shrub, a handful of fine feeder roots is sufficient along with branches. A branch with both symptomatic and healthy tissue is required for accurate analysis. Completely dead plants are useless for analysis.

Question: Can you test for herbicides?

Answer: No. The plant pest diagnostic lab cannot test for herbicide residue. We can only rule out plant pathogens or insects pests as causes of disease. Please visit the Tennessee Department of Agriculture (TDA) website to file a pesticide complaint.

Question: Can you tell me if there is a disease in my soil?

Answer: No. We currently require root tissue to confirm the presence of disease causing soil borne pathogens.