Distance Diagnostics

The Soil, Plant and Pest Center is excited to announce a new Distance Diagnostics platform – PClinic. The Soil, Plant and Pest Center reviews images submitted by county Extension agents for no cost to clients. If you have an image of a plant pest or disease, please contact your local county Extension agent for assistance on submitting an image for diagnosis.

UT-TSU Extension Agents and Area Specialists – training for how to sign up for the PClinic image upload portal may be found on the K@TE system by searching for PClinic. Please contact the plant pest lab at plantlab@tenenssee.edu if you are having difficulty registering for PClinic. Please visit this link on our YouTube page for a refresher on registering and uploading images to the PClinic system.

TN Department of Agriculture and U.S. Department of Agriculture – please contact the plant pest lab at plantlab@tennessee.edu to be added to the PClinic system.

Once registered, please visit the following link to access the new PClinic Distance Diagnostics portal:

Former Distance Diagnostics system and archived information may be found here:

For UT-TSU Extension agents, staff, and specialists use this log in.https://eppdd.ag.utk.edu/diag_internal

For U.S. Department of Agriculture, TN Department of Agriculture, or others, please use this log in. https://eppdd.ag.utk.edu/diag