UT/TSU County Extension Agent Distance Diagnostics

Using PClinic, The Soil, Plant, and Pest Center reviews images submitted by UT-TSU County Extension Agents.

If you have an image of a plant pest or disease, please contact your local county Extension agent for assistance on submitting images for diagnosis.

UT-TSU Extension and TN Department of Agriculture employees – Please contact the plant pest lab at plantlab@tennessee.edu if you are having difficulty registering for PClinic. Once registered, please visit the following link to access the new PClinic Distance Diagnostics portal:

Helpful guide to what pictures are needed for distance diagnostics.

Be prepared to provide the following answers

Fruit and vegetable guide to questions to ask and answers to provide for helping solve the distance diagnostic problem.

Former Distance Diagnostics system and archived information may be found here:

For UT-TSU Extension agents, staff, and specialists use this log in.https://eppdd.ag.utk.edu/diag_internal

For U.S. Department of Agriculture, TN Department of Agriculture, or others, please use this log in. https://eppdd.ag.utk.edu/diag