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With spring here and summer approaching, now is a great time to be scouting for insect pests, plant pathogens, and weedy plants whether you have a home vegetable garden, turfgrass lawn, or collection of ornamental plants.

UT Extension has a large number of helpful publications available online on a wide number of common plant health and plant pest management topics. Check out the online database for a searchable catalogue for answers and information to common plant pest problems.

Below is a list of helpful Extension Publications for home gardening questions of all types:

TopicPlants/Pests IncludedLink to Document
Conventional and Organic Product Overview for Home Vegetable Gardeners in TennesseeOrganic and conventional chemical control options for home vegetable gardeners for insects, mites, diseases, weeds, and soil fertility managementhttps://utia.tennessee.edu/publications/wp-content/uploads/sites/269/2023/10/W661.pdf
Decision-making Handbook for Insect and Mite Pests of Ornamental PlantsConsiderations and information on common management tools for insects and mite pests of ornamental plantshttps://utia.tennessee.edu/publications/wp-content/uploads/sites/269/2023/10/PB1623.pdf
Disease and Insect Control in Home Fruit PlantingsApple, pear, peach, cherry, plum, blackberry, raspberry, strawberry, grape, blueberry disease and insect management guidelineshttps://utia.tennessee.edu/publications/wp-content/uploads/sites/269/2023/10/PB1622.pdf
Disease Control for Trees, Shrubs, and Flowers 2018Information on common pathogens of trees, shrubs, and flowers and management guidelineshttps://utia.tennessee.edu/publications/wp-content/uploads/sites/269/2023/10/W665.pdf
Edible Ornamental Plant Pest Management: Options for Controlling Arthropod Pests on Fruiting Trees and Shrubs in Residential LandscapesCommon insect and mite pests on food plantshttps://utia.tennessee.edu/publications/wp-content/uploads/sites/269/2023/10/W339.pdf
Fertilization & Management of Home LawnsInformation on soil testing, fertilizers and fertilizer application, and management guidelineshttps://utia.tennessee.edu/publications/wp-content/uploads/sites/269/2023/10/PB1038.pdf
Home Vegetable Garden Disease ControlCommon vegetable disease management guidelineshttps://utia.tennessee.edu/publications/wp-content/uploads/sites/269/2023/10/W316.pdf
Lawn and Landscape Weed Control for HomeownersWeed management guidelines for the home lawnhttps://utia.tennessee.edu/publications/wp-content/uploads/sites/269/2023/10/W1068.pdf
Lawn Insects: How to Control Them 2020Lawn insects and other common pests and organisms and management guidelineshttps://utia.tennessee.edu/publications/wp-content/uploads/sites/269/2023/10/PB1158.pdf
Managing Wildlife around Your HomeWildlife pests including mammal and bird plant pestshttps://utia.tennessee.edu/publications/wp-content/uploads/sites/269/2023/10/PB1868.pdf
Stewardship in Soil Management – The Tennessee Vegetable Garden Information on soil management best practices including compost, cover crops, organic matter, tillage, fertilizers, and soil testinghttps://utia.tennessee.edu/publications/wp-content/uploads/sites/269/2023/10/W346-G.pdf
Turfgrass Diseases and Their ControlInformation on common turfgrass diseases and management guidelineshttps://utia.tennessee.edu/publications/wp-content/uploads/sites/269/2023/10/pb842.pdf
Vegetables – Weed Control in Home GardensHome vegetable garden weed management guidelineshttps://utia.tennessee.edu/publications/wp-content/uploads/sites/269/2023/10/SP291-I.pdf
Weeds in Ornamental Plantings: A Management Plan For Tennessee HomeownersWeed management plan, weed types and life cycles, and weed identification informationhttps://utia.tennessee.edu/publications/wp-content/uploads/sites/269/2023/10/PB1659.pdf
You Can Control Garden Insects 2020Information on management and identification of of common garden insectshttps://utia.tennessee.edu/publications/wp-content/uploads/sites/269/2023/10/PB595.pdf

Post by Dr. Eleanor Lopez, plant pathogen and insect diagnostician.