Carpet Beetles

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Class Insecta: Order Coleoptera: Family Dermestidae

Carpet beetle species are frequently encountered in Tennessee homes. Sometimes the larval stage is noticed, and sometimes adults are seen. Larvae can cause damage by feeding on a wide range of materials including carpet and clothes made of natural fibers, food originating from animals, and dead insects. Below are images of larvae (left) and adults (right).

For more information on these beetles, please see our Extension publication Insects: Carpet Beetles. For details on carpet beetle management, please see our Extension publication Managing Pests Around the Home.

If you need assistance identifying an insect, please visit your local county Extension office. For information on submitting insects to the Soil, Plant and Pest Center for identification, please visit the Disease & Insect ID page of our website.

Post by Eleanor Lopez, insect and plant pathogen diagnostician.

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