Boxwood Mite – Foliar Boxwood Feeders

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Boxwoods mites begin to cause damage in spring to the foliage of boxwoods. If you are having a problem with your boxwoods and need assistance identifying a potential pathogen or insect pest, please contact your local county Extension office for assistance. If you would like to submit a plant sample to the lab for disease or insect pest identification, information and fees associated with sample submission may be found here.

Boxwood mite, Eurytetranychus buxi (Garman) (Arachnida: Trombidiformes: Tetranychidae)

Boxwood mites are often found causing damage to the foliage of boxwoods. Mite feeding damage causes leaves to have a stippled look on the top side of the leaf, and the cast skins from mites as they molt and live mites can sometimes be seen on the undersides of the leaves. Mites survive the winter in eggs laid on the undersides of leaves. Boxwood mite has a short life cycle and many generations a year so monitoring early in the spring for this pest is important.

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Images from Alan Windham and Frank Hale. Post by Eleanor Lopez, plant pathogen and insect diagnostician.